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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

A Brief Bio

About Paul

Paul is 48 years old and has been married to Helen for over 23 years. Paul and Helen met when they both worked at a contract cleaning company’s head office in Dudley. They have 3 children; Georgina aged 22, Matthew 20 and Katie 16.

On leaving education Paul worked in IT, an occupation that was to relocate him around the country a few times, ultimately leading to his ministry gifts developing and his response to the call into full-time ministry some 21 years later.

When Paul was 11 or 12 years old encouraged by neighbours he started to attend Elim church in Kidderminster along with his younger brother. First going to Sunday school; then later joining the youth group. As part of the youth group they went to see Billy Graham in one of his crusades in the early 1980’s and there Paul made his initial commitment.

During his late teen and early twenties he drifted away from church but returned and began worshipping at the Anglican Church that his then girlfriend (now wife) attended. Encouraged by the minister and others Paul began to help in the Sunday School and from there his ministry has grown and developed to be effective and wide-ranging.

Paul’s priorities in ministry and Christian life are to make the gospel accessible to everyone, particularly children, young people and families, who have had little or no exposure to the Christian message in their lives. His passion is to demonstrate and teach that genuine Christianity is as relevant today as it has always been.

Paul’s key strength is flexibility, being very much an all-rounder in terms of ministry. He is happy working with and teaching all ages from toddlers to senior citizens, albeit with a strong leaning and calling towards the younger end of that range. Paul is also able to lead musical worship, lead services and preach in a variety of styles to suit any occasion. In fact, he is willing to turn his hand to almost anything. Paul has a full understanding of management both in the third sector and in business and has the drive and commitment to deliver projects in any area of church life.

Hobbies & Interests

Paul’s interests include music (both performing and listening), and social media; Facebook and Twitter. He maintains websites for a few friends.

Until recently he had a classic Mini, called Joyce, that he maintained, repaired and restored himself as much as he was able. Paul now describes himself as ‘between Minis’!

Joyce the classic Mini
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